Since its establishment, The Republic of Turkey has always taken steps to reach the level of contemporary civilization. That’s why, bilateral relations with European Union is so important. In this direction, Turkey applied for a association to Europe Economic Community (EEC), which was established in 1958 and was characterized as the biggest peace project of mankind history, in 1959.

The Council of Ministers of EEC accepted the apply of Turkey and they concluded a temporary treaty named Ankara Pact in 1963. The purpose of The Ankara Pact was indicated on the second clause of Pact as:“By taking into consideration requirement of ensure that raise the living conditions of Turkish public, strengthen economic and trade conditions.”

As a next step of Ankara Pact, two sides signed the “Additional Protocol” in 1970 and thus The Preparation Period of EEC deliberations finished and The Passing Period started.

On the other hand, Turkey faced with a military coup in 1980 and this was damaged deliberations badly. After these torminous duration, Turkey applied for membership to EEC in 1987 but commission refused these applying. Turkey adhered to the agreement and improve itself since 1996 and in 1996, Tirkey and EU made an accord named Custom Union.


The milestone of Turkey-EU relations was the Summit of EU Presidents and Prime Ministers in Helsinki in 1999. In this summit, Turkey’s application was granted and this found voice in that Turkey is all equal with the other members and candidate countries.

In 2004, there was another milestone happen and the declslon that Turkey can start deliberation was made at the Bruxelles Summit.

These deliberations are still continuing.

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