Turkestan, literally means “Turkish country”, “the location of Turk”. In this way, every place where Turkish members live can be called “Turkestan”. So where is Turkestan today? The Turkish thinkers, especially Ziya Gökalp, called the Turkish homeland, which we describe in terms of meaning, “Turan” in general.  This is because, the Central Asian geography was called Turkestan at that time. However, when we look today; from the Aegean Sea in the west to the  interior of china in the east, covering the Xinjiang Autonomous region; It can be named as “Turkestan”  from Crimea to Kirkuk-Aleppo to Sakha Yakutia region. Because, Anatolia, Urumqi, Kazakhstan and Caucasus are also parts of Turkestan.

What we try to attract attention in this article is West Turkestan! The historical Turkish homeland, which covers the region between Aegean and the Caspian, is a fragment today, although much of it is one; The Oğuzeli!

Turkey, Northern Azerbaijan, South Azerbaijan, Mosul, Kirkuk, Aleppo, Cyprus, Western Thrace; The heart of our geography, where the name of the Turk is written and heard, is the west of our geography.

When we look at the literature, we see that the term “West Turkestan” is used to denote Central Asia. So if the west of the Great Turkestan geography is Central Asia, how will the west of the Caspian be called? This is the most important part of the issue we consider here. The geography, which is defined as a “mosaic” and said to be a homeland to ancient nations, has been under Turkish rule for at least a thousand years. The little brains that cannot change this reality, on the other hand, try to remove the Turks from their country or to make them a minority in their country by asserting the brotherhood and the brotherhood of the people. However, there is another truth beside history; this fact is tried to be replaced by wars, genocides and isolations. Just as it is in the north of Syria today… This is real Turkish population.

It is estimated that 3.5 million Turkmen live in Syria, the cosmopolitan chaos country, which also hosts Aleppo, a thousand-year-old Turkmen city, within its borders. Already, the Turkmen are fighting in Bayır-Bucak, Turkmen Mountain region. Before leaving the Turkish state with the betrayal of the Arabs, the state of Aleppo; It was in a structure including Antep, Maraş, Antakya, Kilis, İskenderun and even Adana- Osmaniye regions, and since its status was called as a demesne, it was integrated with Anatolia and was included in the Misak-ı Milli borders during the National War period . Of course, as you can imagine, the same policy pursued in Iraq was pursued in the regions on the Syrian side, and the Turkmen struggled with great difficulties. The same struggle still continues in front of our eyes.

When we examine Western Thrace, Cyprus and Batumi, we have witnessed with our eyes as recently as assimilated, genocide and isolation events like other Turkish dormitories. However, the main issue is still Motherland! Independent Turkish person, accused of fascism and racism when he says I am a Turk in his own independent, free homeland…

On one hand the green communist, on the other hand the red communist, on one hand, the Kurdish one, and the Armenian, who has a state in the Caucasus; have sided against to the Turkey’s Turk, beyond this, to the nationalist of Turk. They became hostile to the Turkish ideal. When we look at it, the only issue that brings these different communities under one roof is Turkish hostility. But if the Turkish is withdrawn from here, they will all fall into one another and then they will destroy each other. They are not aware that the only obstacle to their disappearance is the Turkish nation.

If we continue; when we look at the ethnic map in Turkey on foreign sources (CIA) about 15 million people, whose mother tongue is Kurdish, live and when it is asked to the dreamer deputy of hdp, he says that there are only 20 million Kurdish population in Turkey. These claims will make us and the civil servants laugh. Because for some reason, those whose mother tongue is Kurdish (!) cannot speak their language fully. Friends with that ‘mother tongue’ we see around us claim that they got the mother tongue only with a few sentences they learn from the internet. However, we are not saying that nobody can speak Kurdish here. We are talking about the absurdity of numbers. Hence, when we put all the lies and nonsenses to a side, alongside of the people who can speak Kurdish in Turkey, there are 10 million people who define themselves as Kurds at most.

“West Turkestan” geography; with 120-130 million population, rich historical accumulation, underground resources, natural beauty, is at least a thousand years old Turkish homeland. We believe that Oğuzlar, who are still standing upright against the countless suppression and intimidation policies we have mentioned before; will not refrain this geography and values from defending and aggrandizing in the next thousand years.

Despite all the betrayal, cruelty and mischief against Turkish, the great Turk has always opened his door and heart to everyone as much as he can. We saw the simplest example of this from Iraqi Kurds during the First Gulf War. Today we see it against Syrians. We shouldn’t skip this; after the Gulf War the masses who settled in Turkey, and never went back, are the masses who make it possible to gain a seat in The Veteran Parliament for terrorist party.

If we leave history, numbers and betrayals behind, we are left with a talk about the future of Turk. We can neither give statements nor advice about the future… We do not think that the managers, who are incapable of ruling, will apply anything even if we make an advice. Saving the advices to ourselves, we find it more accurate to apply them when the correct time comes. We will write the things that have the possibility and which should be.

Iran will be split up, The Armenia, who make no bones of its enmity of Turks, will be worse than destroying because of its decreasing population and its introversion. The utopia of  Kurdistan, which is the last move of people who want to manage Near East for one more century, won’t be happen. To make Middle East better place, Turkey will wriggle from the regional forces and will dominate the region.

With this, after all this happen, our West Turkestan, should combine. Even if this association doesn’t happen, this place’s name won’t be change. History is Turk, the historic name is West Turkestan.

We want a youth, who want all this things and work for it, serve for his/her country and ideal. We, the Idealist Turkish Youth, draw inspiration from the ideals, doctrines from Ziya Gökalp, Enver Pasha, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, Hüseyin Nihal Atsız and Alparslan Türkeş the Chieftain. And, we have enemies across. We defeated them last 5000 years. We will defeat them for next years.

Finally, today, our country has so many border problems. That’s why, we should commit West Turkestan to people’s memory.

Our race and ideal will be immortal.

We wish that West Turkestan idea will commit to the nationalist brains and happen one day…

God Bless and Aggrandize Turk.

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