Gazi Osman Pasha was born in Tokat, Turkey in 1832. He and his parents immigrated to the Istanbul then. He graduated from Beşiktaş Military Highschool and then Cadet School in 1853 with the rank “mülazım-ı sani”.

Osman Pasha was transferred into the Rumelian due to the Crimean War in 1853 and because of his success on the war, his rank was raised to the lieutenant in 1855.

In 1861, he was appointed to the Cebel-i Lübnan because of the rebellion “Yusuf Kerem”.

After his these and these like successes, her rank was raised to Colonel.

In 1873, he was appointed as the Commander of Division “Yenipazar” and her rank was raised to the “Major General”.

On 02 July 1876, Serbia declared war to Ottoman Empire and Osman Pasha defeated them. This victory was one of the most important one because Osman Pasha gained his reputation with this victory. He became Marshall with this victory.

On 24 April 1872, Russia declared war to Ottoman empire while Osman Pasha was commander of “Garp Military” in Vidin, Bulgaria. Pasha came to the Plevne with his 25000 soldiers in 07 July 1872 and with his legendary defence tactics, Russians were repelled. With this victory, he assumed the title of “Conqueror Of Plevne”.

Also, on 08 July 1877, he defeated 250000 Russian-Romenian soldiers with his 60000 soldiers. Romanians and Russians tried 2 times more to defeat Ottoman Empire but Osman Pasha was undefeatable. At the end of Third Plevne War, Osman Pasha had a rank “Ghazi”.

Ghazi Osman Pasha was the Commander Of The Ottoman Armed Forces from 1878 to 1885.

Ghazi Osman Pasha died in 05 April 1900 while he was 68, his tomb is in the yard of Fatih Mosque.

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