Military officers who staged the coup in 1960 were separated into 2 groups. The first group was thinking that abdicating and letting Ismet Pasha take command. Cemal Madanoglu was the actual leader of this group.

The second group was thinking that if a revolution happens in the country, the Republican People’s Party is as guilty as the democrats, that’s why the country should be managed by National Unity Committee. Alparslan Türkeş was the actual leader of this group which contains 14 Military Officers.

In a short time, these two groups fell out with each other. The first group convinced the President Cemal Gürsel and the other 14 officers was expelled (13/11/1960).

Alparslan Türkeş was sent away as the Consultant of Embassy of New Delhi to India.

After this 2.5 years lasted work, the government let these 14 officers enter the country because while they were out, Talat Aydemir tried to stage a coup. Even he failed, the government lost his effect on military. But the 14s had effect on military. Ismet Pasha wanted to tranquillise the soldiers with this move and if 14s had made a move for him, he was going to liquidate them.

We are now representing you a press clipping about Alparslan Türkeş’s homecoming:

“As we heard, Alparslan Türkeş would come to the country this week. After more than 2 years exile life, the public is await Alparslan Türkeş’s attitude and behaviours impatiently. As the expressions of acquaintances of Türkeş, he wouldn’t participate in a party for now, but he will decide his route about the future after making a couple of consultation to his friends.”

Alparlan TURKES was come back to Turkey on March 23th 1963.


Translated by the article “Alparslan Türkeş Yurda Dönüyor” which is written by Fırat Kazganoğlu.

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