The Life of Fırat Yılmaz Çakıroğlu

Today, it has been almost six years of Fırat Yılmaz Çakıroğlu’s departure. Çakıroğlu was murdered by terrorists who claimed that they were socialist students. In Turkey, leftist groups have aligned themselves with terrorist organizations. The first organization which the leftists align themselves and seeks hope is PKK, a bloody terrorist organization which has murdered more than 10.000 innocent people. Even though the PKK claims they are the voice of Kurds who are living in Turkey, they have killed more than 2.000 Kurdish Turkey Citizens, which is more than enough to show what PKK is.  

Fırat Çakıroğlu, as an ordinary citizen was also a victim of this monstrous terrorists. After years of struggle, the terrorists stabbed him various times. Today, as Turks in the world we remember Çakıroğlu as a symbol of our nation. He will never be forgotten… 

Early Life of Fırat Çakıroğlu: 

Fırat Yılmaz Çakıroğlu was born at 30 December 1990, in Akşehir, Konya. His family recorded his day of birth as 1 January 1991, so he would not start to school earlier. Fırat Çakıroğlu and his mother lived in Akşehir for a while, until his father returned from his military service. After his father’s arrival, Çakıroğlu family moved to İzmir. Fırat and his family lived in İzmir until 1995, then moved to Diyarbakır because of his mother’s job. Çakıroğlu started his education in Diyarbakır. 

After attending primary school in Turkey and studying here, he moved to Germany with his mother. While he grew up, he played basketball and boxed. Çakıroğlu stayed in Germany between 2004 and 2006, and then returned to Turkey. He studied high school in Turkey. Çakıroğlu’s goal was to study History, so he studied just as an ordinary person in any location of the world. He couldn’t get the grades he aimed the first year and he studied again. At the end of his second year studying to enter a good university, he qualified Ege University’s History major program. 

Political Environment in Turkey: 

Even though Fırat Çakıroğlu attended to University with hardships, it was not very hard for the other students. Most of them who entered schools easily were also not students, they were terrorists who were funded by international organizations. Most of the PKK militias in universities entered Turkish universities by stealing the answers. PKK and Fetullah Gülen’s terrorists co-operated a system to drag terror to Turkish universities. Fetullah’s terrorists stole the questions for the university exam and they passed these questions with the answers to the PKK militias. Then, PKK chose their most gruff and provocative terrorists and gave the answers to them. 35-year-old students who could not even speak Turkish entered the best universities Turkey had and sabotaged education. Hasan Şimşek was one of the victims of PKK terrorism in Kütahya. 

Who is PKK? 

PKK is a terrorist organization which claims they fight for the Kurds. They are a terrorist organization which is completely alienated from the Kurds who are living in Turkey. The terrorists were funded by the USSR at their start, and then because they claimed lands from Turkey, they found sponsors overseas. Also, Iran uses PKK time to time so they can claim share of the drug route PKK holds. PKK is a subcontractor for international drug cartels. They are also used by imperialist governments so middle-east can be controlled under dictation. 

There are some ironies about this terrorist organization, the first one is their “Kurdistan” thesis. None of their historic thesis have an academic source, mostly made up by French communists and KGB, which also made up an Armenian thesis before. Both Armenia and PKK claims the same lands and they are both funded by the same interest groups so this automatically indicates that this cannot be a movement of any society. PKK is the organization of imperialism and money. 

Also, the Kurds are not aligning themselves with this organization. The terrorists who fight for PKK are mostly mercenaries from Europe and Asia, especially China. Today, PKK is praised as a civil movement by the media just because the interest groups are afraid of ISIS.  

Who is Fetullah Gülen’ Terrorist Organization? 

Fetullah Gülen’s Terrorist Organization is a terrorist group which aims to take the government in Turkey by force. This terrorist organization’s methods are not familiar with PKK, but they work together to hold Turkey back.  

Gülen’s terrorists are mostly shiftless and abused characters in the society. Mostly children of poor families. This organization retains these children and creates militias for the organization. They feed these children and wash their brain. Also, Gülen’s terrorists are the main reason of corruption in Turkey.  Greedy bureaucrats sold their souls and brains to the terrorist organization to shift their positions in the organization they work in. 

Until 2016, they were a major force beneath the Turkish National Police and Turkish Army. They attended a coup and murdered innocent people. As a result of their vicious acts, most of them are arrested right now. Some terrorists were able to escape the Turkish justice and now lobbying around the world against Turkey with the PKK terrorists. Gülen’s terrorists are also connected with the successors of ASALA and EOKA, which are internationally accepted terror groups of Armenia and Greece. Fetullah Gülen’s Terrorist Organization aims to lower Turkey’s appearance with fake news so they can get the support of imperialist interest groups.

Universities at the time: 

Between the terrorist attacks of Fetullah Gülen and PKK, Turkish universities became a scene of terror. Terrorist claiming that they would bring socialism to Turkey vulgarly raided classes and attacked Turkish students and professors just because of their ethnicity. Today, terrorists claim they attacked only Turkish nationalists but the victims of PKK were from any political stance except PKK’s official ideology: Kurdish racism. Their vulgarized acts were backed up by Gülen’s terrorists, especially by the police and judges who were members of this terrorist organization. Most of the time the victims of terrorism were not answered by the judges and the terrorist member police chose to watch this anarchy. It was dark days, which the ones who have not witnessed terror could never understand.  

Ege University at early 2010’s.

The humanist claims became terrorist ideas as PKK gained followers in the Universities. They abused our national leader, Atatürk. PKK also organized various meetings in the universities to free Abdullah Öcalan, a verified terrorist by the UN who has a major role on the death of over 10 thousand innocent people. 

Against this attack, Turkish Grey Wolves, who are Turkish nationalists stood up against this filthy organization. Fırat Yılmaz Çakıroğlu was one of them. Hundreds of students stood up against terror with great courage. 

The Grey Wolves were formed by university and high school students. These were mid-low class family’s children and they attended school so they could become beneficial to their country and family. On the other side, PKK was formed with professionally trained guerillas. Most were not real students and the students were not actually eligible to study in any university. They were funded and heavily armed. Gülen’s terrorists were at a greater position against the Grey Wolves, they were mostly working terrorists and the positions they occupied were strategic positions.  

Even though the Grey Wolves were not funded by any organization, they stood up against any attack came on them. PKK occupied faculties and buildings in universities. They stabbed students and fired at them. Turkish nationalists fought back and defended their country inch by inch. 

After the Grey Wolves gained superiority over the PKK, terrorist journalists such like Can Dündar started to slander the Grey Wolves. Gülen’s TV channels and media personal followed them. PKK’s media group tried to create folk devils of the Grey Wolves. 

The difference between the Grey Wolves and PKK could be seen with bare eyes.  


Martyrdom of Fırat Yılmaz Çakıroğlu: 

While Fırat Çakıroğlu entered Ege University, terror was on its peak at universities. Terrorists had attacked dozens of students, stabbed more than thirty of them and killed many with ambushes. Terror had spread to almost every university in Turkey.  

In Ege University, PKK’s terrorists had raided various facilities, stolen electronic devices and gave it to their superiors so they could use it to train more guerrillas. Ege University was imprisoned by vandalism. Terrorists did not allow the professors to teach and they attacked the students who entered the classes. They targeted students who are not members of the PKK and shared their pictures online. They ambushed the ones who they can’t beat by themselves and they attacked students who are not obeying them. The universities were occupied by terror groups. This was an actual threat for Turkey’s future because the PKK attacked almost any person who did not obey to them. Fırat Çakıroğlu joined the Grey Wolves under these circumstances. 

Fırat’s friends claim that he was one of the bravest men they ever met. While the PKK militias were attacking students with swords, weapons and daggers, Çakıroğlu and his friends stood up against the attacks. Due to his bravery and honest character, Çakıroğlu raised up beneath the ranks of the Grey Wolves. He was the representative of Ege University during the time he was martyred.  

Çakıroğlu’s character affected his life. He was a natural leader and he immediately became a target for the terrorists after his entrance to school. He and other nationalist students fought with the terrorists for years. Çakıroğlu was the key factor of this battle. He was beloved by any group except the terrorists. While the terrorists were being forced out of school, Turkish nationalism was also rising because of the Grey Wolves and how they represent themselves. This created a major problem for the PKK. They decided to work on a plan to assassinate Fırat Çakıroğlu. 

PKK targeting Fırat Çakıroğlu on Facebook. 2014.

Çakıroğlu was murdered on 20 February 2015. PKK systematically worked on this plan and got their precautions. How they would drag Çakıroğlu to the ambush area was well worked and who would take on the insult was assigned. The name was Nurullah Semo, a student/terrorists Fırat had beaten various times in brawls which took place on different times and places. The PKK also made a plan to prevent the ambulance to reach Çakıroğlu and they agreed on their terms with Fetullah Gülen’s terrorists. Gülen’s terrorists would not allow the ambulance to enter the school and the rector would not invite the police corps to end the brawl. This was a template of PKK and Gülen’s terrorists which they used before in Ankara University and Istanbul University. 

At the morning of 20 February, terrorists opened PKK’s flag in the school and attacked the Grey Wolves. This ended up with a response from the Grey Wolves and both sides started to gather and came to school. At evening, Grey Wolves attacked the location where the PKK flag was hanging and expatriated the terrorists from their faculty. The plan was ticking. The terrorists started to ran towards the cafeteria, which was the main location of their plan. The owner of the cafeteria was also a terrorist and he was assigned to break the computer’s hard disk so there would be no evidence left. The Grey Wolves chased the terrorists and they ran away. While the terrorists ran, Semo was hiding in the cafeteria with his crime partners. Fırat was running slower than the others because of his height. He was tall. While Fırat was passing, Semo and other terrorists attracted his attention and dragged him inside the cafeteria. Fırat came after the terrorists and the terrorists ambushed him and stabbed him various times. The forensic officer’s report noted that “the stabbed spots on the body are all deadly and this must be organized by a professional” and “the entrance angle of the wounds on the body and the weapon size indicate that the victim was stabbed various times by with different weapons and directions”. The terrorist’s plan was successful. They murdered a student, who was only by himself at the time and unarmed.  

When Fırat’s friends found him, he was heavily wounded and had lost blood due to the cuts. His friends immediately called the ambulance, but the rest of the terrorist’s plan was activated. The rector of Ege University at the time, Candeğer Yılmaz did not allow the ambulance to enter the school. Candeğer Yılmaz was also a doctor. She knew how crucial seconds can be when the subject is human life. After the ambulance finally entered the campus, this time the terrorists of PKK cut the way of the ambulance and mislead them. Time was passing for Fırat Çakıroğlu. Even though his friend tried to aid his wound but amateur first aid techniques could not help professionally planned cuts. Çakıroğlu passed away at the arms of his friends. Turkey lost a successful student, patriot and historian. His family lost their only son. Millions of Turks felt his pain in their hearts. 

After his death: 

After Çakıroğlu’s martyrdom, the PKK intensified their attacks on universities. In Ankara University, PKK’s terrorists claimed that they would kill all of the Turkish nationalists just as they did to Fırat Çakıroğlu. The Grey Wolves organization organized meetings against terrorism. Millions attended these meetings. The Nationalist Movement Party which Alparslan Türkeş founded got the main stance against terror. But the alliance of PKK and Gülen’s terrorists were still out. 

Nurullah Semo claimed he murdered Çakıroğlu alone. None of his crime partners were found. Semo was also rewarded by Beril Dedeoğlu, the new rector of Ege University. Dedeoğlu did not allow Ege University council to dismissal Semo. Turks will never forget her betrayal. 

Thousands attended Fırat Çakıroğlu’s trials. Semo has been sentenced for life, due to terrorism and murder. Turkish nationalists cleaned the universities from the terrorists. Fırat’s name was given to various schools, parks, streets, avenues and libraries.  

Fırat’s mother claimed that she would “I will raise thousands of Fırat’s”. She was a primary school teacher.  

Today, we remember Fırat Çakıroğlu as a name which have sacrificed his life for our lives. He is a hero for the Turkish children. Any nation would desire a youth thinking and living like him. 

Every 20 February, Turkish nationalists meets for him, they pray and remember him. 


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