During the Karabakh War, on 26 February 1992, the Azerbaijani civilians, living in the town of Khojaly in the Karabakh region of Azerbaijan, were massacred by the Armenian forces.

Inhuman brutality in Khojaly; resulted in a massacre and death of nearly 700 innocent people; 106 of them were women, 63 of them were children. The details of the incident are blood-freezing, and unfortunately we know that this is not the first massacre committed by the Armenians. Leaving aside the other atrocities that they have done, especially, in Kars-Ardahan in Turkey; Khojaly Massacre that took place before the eyes of the world, it was an event where there is no doubt that it was genocide. According to the Memorial Human Rights Defense Center, Human Rights Watch, The New York Times newspaper and Time magazine, the massacre was carried out by the Armenian forces supported by the 366th Motorized Infantry Regiment.

The town of Khojali, one of the most important hills of the Nagorno-Karabakh region, was an important military target for the Armenian forces.  The town was located on the road connecting Hankendi and Ağdam and was the only airport of the region. Before the occupation, in the winter of 1991-1992, Khojaly was constantly bombed. According to what the civilians from the Khojaly told the Human Rights Watch,  the bombings were clearly directed against civilian targets. For several months prior to the attack, the town lacked electricity and gas.

After the acquisition of the town of Kerkicahan, which was settled around Hankendi in December 1991, where the Azerbaijanis lived, the town of Khojaly remained entirely in the Armenian blockade. As of October 30, road transportation was closed and the helicopter remained the only means of transportation. Unfortunately, air transport was also interrupted after the Mi-8 helicopter was hit by Armenian forces in the skies of Hocavend on November 20, 1991.

The town of Khojaly, which has an area of 936 square kilometers and consisted of 2,605 families before the war, was exposed to despoilment on February 26, 1992 and the town was completely destroyed. It was not possible to take corpses for a long time.

According to the official sources of Azerbaijan, total of 613 residents, including 83 children, 106 women and more than 70 elderly people, were killed and 487 people were seriously injured in the town of Khojaly, whose entrance and exit was closed by the Armenian forces. 1275 people were taken hostage and 150 people were lost. In the examinations made on their bodies, it was seen that many of the bodies were burned, their eyes were carved and their heads were cut off. It has been determined that pregnant women and children are also exposed. All of the cruelties were confessed by people who did the massacre. According to the confession of former Armenian President Serj Sarkisyan and Markar Melkonyan, who commanded the Armenian forces in the Karabakh War, his brother Monte Melkonyan explained that the massacre was revenge by the Armenian forces.

The massacre complies with the definition of the Genocide Convention of 1948, and it violates the United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide Crime, the Convention on Civil and Political Rights, the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

While “Armenian Diaspora” was the bullet that stuck to our brothers in Khojaly yesterday, today it is slandering and lying in America, Europe and even in Russia which their allies. These people must always remember that as Turkish young we will not stop until there is not a single Turk suffering on earth. Not only in Turkey, we are following the situation of Turks all over the world. Killers are known, WE ARE WAITING JUSTICE FOR KHOJALY!

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  1. Berivan, I am so brave that you would never prefer to see. Since you are an ignorant piece of shit,I understand you don’t know and understand, but Armenian terrorists killed innocent people in Khojaly and as I wrote they admitted that. Don’t think that Turkish youth will forgive this mistake, We were sent by God to punish you.

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