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Tovuz:Armenian Terorism

28 Temmuz 2020 0

Recently, Armenia carried out a treacherous assault on Tovuz, Azerbaijan. Eleven Azerbaijani soldiers were martyred in this attack. Azerbaijan responded directly to this attack. The Attack of Azerbaijan Armed Forces has neutralized nearly a hundred Armenian military personnel in the region. I respectfully remember the martyred Eleven Azarbeijani soldiers. The Armenian assault on Tovuz caused…

Yazar: Abdullah Barış Yılmaz


18 Nisan 2020 0

Turkestan, literally means “Turkish country”, “the location of Turk”. In this way, every place where Turkish members live can be called “Turkestan”. So where is Turkestan today? The Turkish thinkers, especially Ziya Gökalp, called the Turkish homeland, which we describe in terms of meaning, “Turan” in general.  This is because, the Central Asian geography was…

Yazar: Ahmet Sezai


10 Nisan 2020 0

GENERAL DEFINITION The Turkish National Police (TNP) , which today is the state agency responsible for internal security in all provinces and districts in Turkey was established on April 10, 1845. Coast Guard performs this duty on the coast and seas. In the countryside, the gendarmerie that is military police, performs this duty, too. In…

Yazar: Kuloğlu


5 Nisan 2020 0

Gazi Osman Pasha was born in Tokat, Turkey in 1832. He and his parents immigrated to the Istanbul then. He graduated from Beşiktaş Military Highschool and then Cadet School in 1853 with the rank “mülazım-ı sani”. Osman Pasha was transferred into the Rumelian due to the Crimean War in 1853 and because of his success…

Yazar: Ahmet Sezai

The Life of Muhsin YAZICIOĞLU

25 Mart 2020 0

                Yazıcıoğlu was born 1954 in a small village named Elmali in Şarkışla of Sivas Province. He studied in Şarkışla from primary school to high school after that he was educated at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Ankara University. Yazıcıoglu joined the Young Grey Wolves in Şarkışla in 1968. After coming to Ankara for…

Yazar: Kuloğlu


15 Mart 2020 1

He was born on September 1, 1874 in Edirne. His father was Kadı Ahmed Vasıf Efendi, from Çepleci village of Kırcaali, and his mother was Hürmüz Hanım. After receiving his first education in Vize, he finished Edirne Military High School. After his father’s death, he entered the Edirne Post and Telegraph Administration with a desire…

Yazar: Türkan Cihanoğlu


29 Şubat 2020 3

During the Karabakh War, on 26 February 1992, the Azerbaijani civilians, living in the town of Khojaly in the Karabakh region of Azerbaijan, were massacred by the Armenian forces. Inhuman brutality in Khojaly; resulted in a massacre and death of nearly 700 innocent people; 106 of them were women, 63 of them were children. The…

Yazar: Türkan Cihanoğlu