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27 Ekim 2019 0

Poverty It means ınability to meet people’s needs. We can define poverty in two ways, narrow and broad. In the narrow sense, poverty refers to the situation of facing hunger and lack of shelter, whereas in the broad sense poverty means that the needs such as food, clothing and shelter are sufficient to sustain life…

Yazar: Doğukan Çakmak


24 Ekim 2019 0

Turkey is making extremely comprehensive and successful operations in recent years for the purpose of national security and regional peace. That’s why Turkey is on the world agenda. Operation Peace Spring is the last of these operations. Turkey against YPG-PYD / SDF launched a cross-border operation into northern Syria in order to contribute to regional…

Yazar: Kuloğlu


7 Eylül 2019 0

   As whole country, we are able to manage to live without dreaming. Our history is full of struggles and wars which were made for those dreams to come true. We have forgotten we can’t reach our dreams, unless we run after them.     In the world, when we look at countries or successful people, we see that they had run after their dreams and then they made them come true with true decisions. For example, when the old president of USA, John F. Kennedy, told that they were planning to send a spacecraft into space, everyone said it was a dream, but they didn’t know that it should be dreamed of. Then, 7 years later, USA sent a spacecraft into space, and we witnessed, dream came true, before the time it was planned to be.     As we can add new examples like this, we should start the job by dreaming to create a new example. To carry that aim into our future, youth —…

Yazar: Umut Gazi Başal


29 Ağustos 2019 1

Iğdır is located in the Eastern Anatolia region where high plateaus and mountainous areas are located. It also has Mount Ağrı which the highest mountain in turkey. 65% of the mountain, which is 5137 meters in height, is in Iğdır province and the remaining 35% is in Ağrı. The city consists of 3 towns and…

Yazar: Muhammet Ali Akdan

Chieftain’s homecoming

19 Ağustos 2019 0

Military officers who staged the coup in 1960 were separated into 2 groups. The first group was thinking that abdicating and letting Ismet Pasha take command. Cemal Madanoglu was the actual leader of this group. The second group was thinking that if a revolution happens in the country, the Republican People’s Party is as guilty…

Yazar: Ahmet Sezai

Turkey-EU History

23 Temmuz 2019 0

DELIBERATIONS BETWEEN TURKEY AND EU Since its establishment, The Republic of Turkey has always taken steps to reach the level of contemporary civilization. That’s why, bilateral relations with European Union is so important. In this direction, Turkey applied for a association to Europe Economic Community (EEC), which was established in 1958 and was characterized as…

Yazar: Ahmet Sezai